Shredding Services in Waterford

Shredding Services in Waterford

Did you know that we provide shredding services in Waterford every two weeks? We provide On Site and Off Site Shredding Services to a number of organisations in the South East and would be delighted to get any consideration for any shredding work you might have.

Whether it’s Regular or On Demand, we tailor our services to meet your requirements. We supply the bags, lockers and bins free as required. Once they’re full, you can schedule a collection date that is suited to you. Shredding Services in Waterford

Some frequently asked questions:

How do you price?

  • If you are unsure of the quantity of paper, we will provide a free consultation service where we can agree on a fixed price.
  • We also can charge by weight, bags, boxes, bins and even time.
  • There is no additional cost for travel.

What happens to my confidential paper?

All material is collected and shredded on the same day. For On Site Shredding, we allow the customer to stand a watch all material being destroyed. While for Off Site, all material is securely transported back to our destruction centre and passed through our large industrial shredder. Once shredded, the material is then baled and shipped for recycling. After this process is completed you will then be issued with a Certificate of Destruction along with the invoice.

Do you just shred paper?

No, our industrial shredders can also destroy anything from hard drives, PCs, monitors, to uniforms, branded hats & footwear. We protect the identity of your business by reducing the risk of fraud.

Do I have to remove the paper for hardbacks, folders, staples, paperclips etc?

No, there is no need to separate the material as our heavy duty shredder is more than capable to cope with any of the above items.

To find out more about our Shredding Services in Waterford please feel free to call us today on 1850 491 333.

We also have regular On Site and Off Site Shredding Services in Dublin, Galway, Cork and Kerry

And remember…

“We make it our business, to make sure no one knows yours!”



Shredding Calculator

Stop Shredding your finances and start using a Professional Shredding Service!

Download our Shredding Calculator now and see how much you can save.                                             Shredding Calculator

Are you aware of how much an office shredding machine costs your business?

After you’ve calculated the employees time wasted, along with the equipment expense, you will realise that using a professional shredding service is a more cost-effective solution for destroying your confidential documents.

DGD Shredding can help save your business money as well as enhancing its privacy. Firstly, our trained and Garda vetted staff take the time to understand your security needs and privacy protection requirements. From there we then determine the most suitable cost structure using a variety of criteria.


Regular Service Pricing

This is based on the quantity of material to be destroyed along with the frequency. We would need to know whether it is On Site or Off Site to give an exact quote.

We provide secure shredding consoles free as required. These can be placed a various parts of your building and can only be opened by a member of our team. There are several options to choose from:

  • Shredding Bags and Cable Ties
  • Shredding Consoles – Designed to fit neatly amongst office furniture.
  • 240 Litre Shredding Bins

Our schedule is then set, based on your own company’s unique document destruction needs. Once the process is completed, you will then be issued with a Certificate of Destruction along with an invoice.


On Demand/Purge Service Pricing 

This is based on the total quantity of material shredded. However it also depends on whether you require On Site or Off Site.

This type of service is ideal for customers looking for a bulk clear out at the end of the year or for any customers who are relocating. Once the bags or boxes are filled you can schedule a date for collection by a trained member of our team. If you are unsure of the total amount you have, we can provide a free consultation service where we can agree on a fixed quotation.

These methods eliminate the time-consuming process of shredding your documents in an office shredding machine, and both offer a more secure method for the destruction of confidential information.


Residential Services

We offer a free drop off service where you will only be charged per bag or per box. This service is best suited for home-owners or small offices who have a small amount needed to be shredded. Our office is open Mon-Fri  8:30-17:30.

At DGD we believe we offer the best value on the market. Our cost-effective solutions do not compromise compliance. So why not call today for a quote with no obligation. 1850 491 333