New Addition to Mobile Shredding Fleet

Mobile Shredding just got faster!!

Mobile Shredding UnitWe are delighted to welcome a new mobile shredding unit to our fleet. This truck is fitted with a high spec shredder that can destroy up to 2 tonnes per hour. Confidential documents, that might have taken you a number of years to accumulate can be shred in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself!

Once your bags or boxes of paper are ready for shredding, they are securely emptied into our 240 litre bins. They are brought to the truck, lifted up and deposited into the shredder.The process is carried out by a trained member of our team who supervises the material being shred through an on-board camera installed inside the unit.

After the shredding is completed, the material is then transported back to our facility where it is baled and shipped for recycling.Mobile Shredding Unit Not only are you securely destroying your confidential material, you are also helping the environment.

If you are unsure about the quantity of material you have, we can arrange to call out to you and advise you of the options.

For more information on our On Site services please call 1850 491 333 or email   


How do I know my confidential waste it’s secure?

How do I know it’s secure?

Every day we receive questions like ‘Where does my confidential waste go?’ and ‘How do I know it’s secure?’

Let me answer those questions…

Is it secure?

YES!! It is totally secure. Each year, we are audited by NQA to ensure our compliance both to our own ISO 9001 system and the specifications set out under EN 15713. What this means is that, the facility, equipment & machinery, vehicles and staff all meet the required standards. With 18 CCTV Cameras surrounding the inside and outside of DGD, we operate the largest and most secure destruction facility in Ireland.

  • All our vehicles are slam locked and fitted with a GPS tracking system.
  • Our staff are professionally trained and Garda vetted.
  • We operate a same day shred policy.
  • Destruction Certificate provided after material is processed.
Where does it go?

Once the paper is securely transported to our Destruction Facility in Raheen, the material is loaded straight onto a conveyor belt. Here it mixes with other paper and gets transferred into the Industrial Shredder. Our Industrial Shredder can shred up to 5 tonnes per hour.

After all the material is destroyed, it is the baled and shipped for recycling to the UK.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ring 1850 491 333 and we will happily answer any of your queries.


Where does my confidential waste go?