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Hard Drive Shredding

Why should you consider hard drive shredding? All information mediums have an expiration date. Computers contain internal hard drives which contain sensitive information about you and your business. Despite various erasing and degaussing processes information can still be redeemed from the devices.

Hard drive shredding is the best method of achieving peace of mind that the information is irretrievable. Once completed, we issue the client with a Certificate of Destruction.

We offer this hard drive shredding service both On-Site and Off-Site for obsolete information storage devices. The On Site option involves our Mobile Shredding Truck destroying the devices at your premises. This allows you to witness the shredding being carried out for total peace of mind. Our Off Site option involves a trained member of our team to transport the hard drives securely back to our destruction facility. We operate a same day shred policy so all hard drives will be shredded on the same day of the collection.

If you prefer, we can remove the hard drives from the PCs or laptops so you don’t have to. We provide customised magnetic media bags for the storage of all your devices.

Examples of information devices include:

  • Hard Drives (internal & external)Hard Drive Shredding
  • Memory Sticks & Pen Drives
  • Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Handheld PDA’s
  • ID Badges, Code Generators

If you would like more information regarding hard drive shredding please call 1850 491 333 today. Alternatively, you can email your enquiry to info@dgdshredding.ie and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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