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Upgrade the Security of Your Business with This 6 Simple but Effective Steps.

Now that companies are in the process of returning to everyday business, security should be on the top of everyone’s priorities. With that in mind, we gathered some simple, efficient steps that can help you upgrade your business security:

Step 1. Establish a Safe Network

For starters, basic things such as having reliable and up-to-date antivirus and firewall programmes will mitigate risks by impeding malicious content and preventing unauthorised accesses.

Step 2. Secure Wi-Fi connections

Open Wi-Fi networks can become a severe security breach. Removing public networks from your company´s Wi-Fi connections will significantly reduce the chance for cybercriminals to access the organization’s classified data and systems.

Step 3. Implement a security awareness strategy

A strong, secure password can make all the difference in case of a cyberattack. Simple passwords such as “1234567” will be cracked down in first attempts and be an open-door for criminals. Making sure all the workforce knows the importance of using a safe password is crucial. It can be vital in maintaining a secure network.

Not only this but informing staff members of online risks such as malicious content, phishing, and even identity thefts will go a long way in defending your company from criminal attempts.

Step 4. Protect devices as well as networks

Devices such as laptops or tablets even when out of the office and offline can still present a security risk. If these are lost or left unattended, they can easily fall into the wrong hands and become a severe security liability allowing access to confidential files and networks.

Making sure all staff is aware of these issues is crucial, just as much as keeping backups of data to ensure essential documents aren’t lost.

Step 5. Back up data

Relevant data should always be kept safe but also accessible in case of misfortune such as a device malfunction or network fail. The use of secure-kept external drives or a reliable online cloud service will ensure no important information gets lost.

Step 6. Safeguard physical data too

Not only digital data is susceptible to security risks. Everything from classified or sensitive information files on paper to external hard drives should be kept in safe rooms to prevent theft.

Even when no longer required in physical format, the disposal of your company’s confidential data should not be overlooked. Sensitive data should be deemed unusable and securely destroyed. One of the most convenient and secure data disposal methods for business purposes is using the services of a professional shredding company.

DGD Shredding can securely dispose and destroy your confidential paper files as well as old digital hardware to guarantee no information is leaked or misplaced. We also offer on site shredding for efficient, certified and on-demand disposal of sensitive data the organization may need to destroy.

We make it our business to make sure no one knows yours!

If you have any questions about our services, you can contact us today at info@dgdshredding.ie or telephone us at 1850 491 333.


Getting Back To The Office

As thousands of workers are starting to get back to their regular workplace, Organisations are forced to consider shredding sensitive documents no longer needed, that workers have kept at home during the pandemic.

With employees returning, office work environments must be reorganised to comply with physical distancing following HSE guidelines.

This often implies changing the layout of the workplace and placing tables and chairs further apart in order to maintain a 2-metre worker separation. Decluttering the workplace and clearing out files that are no longer required can significantly help in that regard.

Data Protection through data destruction

Shredding all sensitive documents that have passed their retention period will not only improve the safety of the work environment but will also have a significant impact on data security.

Not properly handling confidential documentation represents a legal risk to the company as businesses need to be in compliance with GDPR rules and regulations and institute good inhouse practices to protect their personal and commercially sensitive information.

Organisations are responsible for all data supply chains, so the proper processes must be implemented to diminish any potential risks of a data breach. This means that all sensitive information should be handled and destroyed securely.

At DGD shredding, we understand the importance of using the services of secure shredding specialists. We are one of the biggest and most competitive companies in Ireland and provide Nationwide on-site & off-site shredding services.

Our off-site and on-site shredding services are proven to be some of the most dependable and efficient across Ireland. We ensure a smooth process all the way through. We can satisfy all your business shredding needs and certify all of the shredding work we do so that you remain in compliance with EU legislation and GDPR obligations without any complications or disturbances.

Our commitment to the environment

By opting for our professional shredding service, your business is contributing to a cleaner and greener world. Our work doesn’t end when your documents are shredded. We incorporate recycling into the shredding process, so all the shredded paper is sent for recycling and turned into tissue products such as kitchen rolls & toilet paper. All without compromising security and confidentiality.

Shred, Recycle, Repeat

on site shredding

There is an exceptional amount of confidential wastepaper passing through our offices and homes every day. As you may know, holding onto sensitive documents past there retention period presents risks to your business. Disposing of sensitive data not only allows for a potential data breach, but also creates an unhealthier environment due to these documents being sent to landfill.

By opting for a professional shredding service, your business can take steps towards a cleaner and greener environment. Recycling 1 ton of paper saves around 682.5 gallons of oil, 26,500 litres of water and 17 trees. Our service does not finish in our shredding facility, where your documents are destroyed, we incorporate recycling into the destruction process without compromising confidentiality.

With our services, you are choosing an environmentally friendly solution for your destruction needs. Since 1998, we have saved approximately 1.5 million trees by recycling our post-processed material. Currently, our shredded paper is sent for recycling and is turned into tissue products such as toilet paper and kitchen roll.

We strongly believe in accounting for all environmental impacts our company has on the environment. Leading from the top, Liam and Mark take environmental considerations into account for every decision where an impact is likely. We work to minimise our environmental impact; from the vehicles we use, the equipment we operate, to our supplier’s and our own operational processes.

DGD Shredding truck

Our Fleet and Transport

We operate a modern fleet of vehicles conforming to the Euro 6 emissions standards. Our vehicle selection process accounts for emissions, fuel efficiency, reliability and maintenance.

Our own full-time mechanic who maintains our fleet to the highest of standards; the more efficiently the vehicle operates the less fuel it uses and therefore less emissions.

The fuel our fleet runs on is the highest quality diesel fuel from reputable sources and we monitor our usage on a monthly basis to review our consumption. By knowing your environmental impact, you can manage it.

We optimize our service schedules to ensure the most efficient routing not only to provide reliable services to clients but also manage our fuel consumption and emissions

Our Plant

We operate highly efficient Shredders and Baling equipment in our Destruction Centre that minimise electricity consumption. Our equipment is set to recognise periods of inactivity and shut off. Additionally, our equipment can be set to different performance rates depending on the activity being carried out, so the machinery does not need to be at full capacity if it doesn’t need to be.

Our Facility

All the lights in our facility are LED low energy consumption lights. We are in the process of constructing a new development that will incorporate numerous environmental considerations throughout the project.

We aim to not only have the most secure and advanced Destruction Centre, but also the most environmentally efficient one.

Our Recycling Commitment

We aim to recycle where possible all materials we handle. We directly place our recyclables into mills and over 95% of materials we handle are recycled.

From materials that cannot be recycled, the materials are sent for Waste to Energy processes.

Our Environmental Standards

We operate an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) that is independently assessed and accredited annually. This EMS shows our commitment to the environment.

DGD shredding is one of the largest, most competitive shredding services in Ireland, we are here to provide you with peace of mind that all sensitive information is handled and destroyed in a secure manner. DGD knows the importance of guaranteed shredding services, so we present you with a Certificate of Destruction following the shredding process.

We make it our business to make sure no one knows yours!

If you have any questions about our services, you can contact with us today at info@dgdshredding.ie or telephone us at 1850 491 333.

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