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Our specialist destruction facility is equipped a range of machinery capable of destroying a variety of materials ranging from paper to metals and plastics.

Manufacturers and warehousing agents can often find themselves with product or materials they do not wish to see on the market.

It is important to ensure appropriate disposal practices for products/materials as ordinary waste disposal does not guarantee the material will be destroyed. Generally waste operators will attempt to achieve a recyclable value through segregation. No additional processing is undertaken to the material unless specified and attempts will always be made to achieve the highest value for the waste.

By choosing a specialist shredding and destruction contractor like DGD Shredding Services we guarantee the obsolete product destruction to an agreed level. We certify all material processed by providing a destruction certificate. Our processes are fully verifiable and open to audit.

Shredding your confidential waste protects the most important asset to your business, that is, information. By using our services you will be helping to safeguard the identity of your business and reduce the risk of fraud.

Examples of Obsolete Product Destruction include:

  • End of Life Material
  • Production Rejects
  • Misbranded Product
  • Production Waste
  • Excess Stock
  • Deficient or Defective Product
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