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140305 DGD 080 (Small)If you have a frequent requirement for shredding we can provide regular shredding services for you. This can be for either on-site shredding or off-site shredding.

To facilitate this process we can provide a range of products such as secure consoles, bins or bags to deposit your material into.

The service requires minimal input from our customers. We familiarise ourselves with your site and procedures to provide little or no disruption to your activities. We will arrive at your premises and retrieve the material from the receptacles and bring them either to the Mobile Shredding Unit for On-Site Shredding or Van/Truck for removal for Off-Site services. When finished a detailed service docket is written which is then signed by both the driver and your authorised representative. A destruction certificate is issued later with your invoice.

If you ever have extra material this can be accommodated easily on your service date.

Our service is adaptable so if your needs change, our service can change. We can help you determine the correct level of service you require by meeting with you and running through the various options. Once the level is agreed we can set out an implementation plan and get your service up and running.

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